Workshop Focus On Open Science

Chapter XVII: Madrid – UC3M

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Open Science is a Democratic Science?

One of the most interesting thing of the workshop for me, for a Phd Philosophy of Law student is the consideration of the open science like a process to obtain advances in different areas of knowledge, and produce this advances collaboratively. The open science...

Free as in speech?

Recently Open Science became a buzz word in many research communities, and practically everyone sees Open Science as a key to future research work. The main idea of Open science is to make research and its results opened to society of all levels. However, it is not...

Open Science, the “delayed” future of research

 What is Open Science? First of all, I first heard about Open Science (OS) at the workshop and before then, I had never heard about it. It suffices to say that the Open Science forum needs to do more in making sure that all Early Career Researchers (ECRs) are...

Open-Science…the good and the bad points

It was interesting to attend the workshop on Open Science. I had good and bad remarks about it and I will start with the bad ones :). I must say at some point I have heard a lot of "we need to...", "we must do...". Personally it seems like all this things are...

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