This training activity is organised by the Vicerrectorship for Research Policy and it is part of the HRS4R actions regarding training in Open Science for Early Career Researchers.

Course coordinators/facilitators:

  • Prof. Dra. Eva Méndez. Deputy Vice-president for Research Policy. Open Science
  • Prof. Dr. Tony Hernández. Vice Dean of Information and Digital Content management. Library and Information Science Department

Target Audience:

PhD students @UC3M

Number of Students: 


Course format: 

Online synchronous

Number of hours:

2,5 hours a week (1,5 + 1 hour of Open Science Café)


Every Thursday from May 20th to June 24th (6 Thursdays) Check the program here!

Timeline every week:

From 11 to 12:30 – Regular course sessions
From 13:00 to 14:00 – Open Science Cafés




To get the 2 Credits, all the students need to attend, at least, 80% of the sessions and actively participate in the Open Science Cafés (questions, chats, etc.). Finally, every student has to write a final “open” post about their learning and opinions about the course.

Cost of the course: