Welcome to our ECR/PhD students

Welcome to our ECR/PhD students

Here we will create a collective blog gathering all the contributions of the UC3M PhD students attending “UC3M  Ticket to Open Science“, which is part of the Research Skills Training Program at the Doctoral School of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Every student must write a post with her/his opinion about the workshop, what she/he has learnt and what are the main challenges from his/her own perspective on the new Indicators, FAIRData and citizen science in the realm of Open Science. You must also address your questions through sli.do and participate in Twitter during the event (hashtag #OpenScienceUC3M).

Open Science represents a new approach to the scientific process based on cooperative work and new ways of diffusing knowledge by using digital technologies and new collaborative tools. The idea captures a systemic change to the way science and research have been carried out for the last fifty years: shifting from the standard practices of publishing research results in scientific publications towards sharing and using all available knowledge at an earlier stage in the research process.

(Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World, EC, 2016)

Here you are some useful links to contextualize the Workshop:

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  1. Ammar Majeed says:

    Thank you very much EVA for the brilliant course with wonderful prouduce, I will use the knowledge of open science in my Ph.D. journey.

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