Transparency is the key to Progress

My name is Abdulaziz Nasser Alsomali, I am doing a PHD in the University of Carlos III, Madrid in the Department of Electronic Technology. I always thought about what would be the benefit of sharing the researches in a way that can be helpful to everyone without knowing that about the Winning Horizon 2020 with open science. I believe that sharing information is a key aspect in having a transparency which can be essential in the progress of research. Receiving a feedback from other researchers or people who are interested in the topic that the research if about would give the researcher different view on what can be done to obtain a better results without duplicating the given information. Also it is important to illustrate that sharing the information does not mean giving it all.

I do not see any problem with obligating the researchers to public their work in order to increase the knowledge of the public in different topics. I have not published any document yet but am looking forward to publish something and I will be looking forward to the feedback from young researchers. I want to assure personally that the paper that I will publish will be easy to understand from readers who are not familiarized with the subject I am writing about which can be challenging in a way. Also it is important to illustrate that the feedback about the publication can be as positive as it gets and can be negative also, so being flexible and open to different views is very important.

As a PHD student, one of the problems that can be raised when speaking about publishing a document is the free behind the publication which is considered to be expensive especially if the researcher does not have funds to support that. The necessity of the initiative of Horizon 2020 can be very helpful in such matter. Also it can produce a great financial aspect because it creates job opportunities and facilitate the researches to the different industries.

Once I present my PHD thesis, I have the choice of sharing the knowledge that I have learned through the years of studying which I will be willing to do in order to make a proof that everyone is entitled to have the fruits of learning. Selfishness toward giving information should disappear with time because it we should be willing to give more and make things happen which is very important in the self-progression. Also by sharing my work I will be assure that the hard work that I have put in order to obtain the results would not be lost completely if it got deleted by mistake from my personal computer and I guess those things happen unfortunately. Also for a span of 5 to 10 years it would be considered to be valuable information to others because that’s the life span for a useful research in my point of view.

I was astonished on the role of the university library which I did not have a clue of that what they are trying to do in this issue and I believe with the proper funding it can be produce a more effective role. It is always important to have the initiative in making things better which will leave eventually to a greater future for the researchers who invest their time and effort in making the wheel of progress faster.

Finally, I would like to thank every member who prepared this seminar which opened up my eye of what to do and what to look for.

#IamAnOpenScientistbecause transparency is the key for better for our future as researchers and information seekers

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